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Firestone Air Springs
The Original Air Spring - Firestone Industrial Products was the first manufacturer to patent the air spring. Today, we engineer and manufacture each product to provide years and thousands of miles of trouble-free service. In fact, Firestone air springs often outlast other maintenance items on your suspension, such as bushings, shocks, leveling valves or regulators.

Leadership in Innovation - Firestone Industrial Products continues to make significant advancements in technology since patenting the first rubber air spring in 1938. Our extensive product development process—which encompasses product design and material selection—has resulted in our applying automotive technology to our heavy-duty products. Our innovations span many additional technologies from electronic sensors to higher strength fabrics and compounds—in addition to rigorous testing unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Ethical Business Practices - Our Business Conduct Policy guides us in achieving our vision of serving society with superior quality and carrying out our mission of earning respect for, and trust in, our company and products. Simple principles—such as being honest, fair and responsible—guide us daily.



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